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Consultancy Services

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Business Strategy

  • Long range planning
  • Re-organization of a company’s structure, rationalization of services and products, and a general business appraisal of the company

Manufacturing and Business Services

  • Manufacturing and Business Services
  • Involving a review of the layout of a production department
  • Production control
  • Productivity and incentive schemes
  • Quality control problems


  • Market Research and business forecasting
  • Sale force training
  • The organization of retail and whole sale outlets

Financial and Management Controls

  • The installation of budgetary control systems
  • Profit planning or capital and revenue budgeting
  • Office reorganization and administrative arrangements

Human Resources

  • Advising on HR/Personnel policy
  • Manpower planning
  • Job enrichment
  • Job evaluation and employee relations

Information Technology

  • Defining information needs
  • The provision of software
  • Systems analysis and design
  • Computer feasibility studies
  • Implementing computer applications
  • Computer hardware evaluations

Environmental Management

  • Urban and regional development planning
  • International economic research
  • Cost benefit and social analysis studies
  • Physical, economic, ecological and sociological studies for the encouragement of quality of lifestyle
    • Setting of policy and strategy
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Performance measurement
    • People management and processes

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